Stampack GmbH headquartered in Bietigheim/Baden, Germany, develops advanced and efficient simulation software for all sheet metal forming processes.

Our products are developed and market from our distribution in Bietigheim and in Castelldefels, Spain. The highly practice-oriented simulation software Stampack is equally suitable for tool designers and method planners due to its user-friendly operability. Knowledge and experience in the finite element method are not required.

We provide:

  • Simple and logical user interface
  • Timely detection and avoidance of errors
  • Increased process reliability
  • Short training time
  • Affordable software


Timeline of Stampack:


  • 1978: Starting point is the Ph.D. thesis "Plastic flows in metals" by Eugenio Onate
  • Until 1996: Academic development at CIMNE, Barcelona. The result is a finite element solver for sheet metal forming.
  • 1996: Foundation of Quantech Ltd. with the target of commercial use of the solver.
  • 2001: First commercial version of Stampack market by Quantech Ltd.
  • 2010: Men at Work GmbH, VISI Reseller in South-West Germany becomes distributor in Germany    
  • 2018: Acquisition by the newly founded Stampack GmbH. The founders of Stampack GmbH are the children of the shareholder of Men at Work GmbH.
  • 2019: Release of the product line Stampack Xpress.
  • 2019: Additional distributors:  Mecadat AG (Germany), SB Molde (Portugal), Genio Solutions Ltd. (Japan) and Vero Solutions (Italy)