Stampack Xpress Springback + Compensation

With the Springback module Stampack Xpress offers the possibility to simulate the springback of the workpiece after forming and to compensate the tool surfaces accordingly. Especially for complex, non-linear bendings, the springback calculation benefits from the high quality incremental forming simulation in Stampack Xpress and delivers much better results than a springback analysis based on the table book or on a standard Quick-And-Dirty simulation in an inverse one-step solver. Stampack Xpress calculates springback after both, shell and solid simulation. However, the high resolution of the forming process in the solid simulation leads to an even more accurate result. The included springback compensation measures the deviations against the desired nominal part and compensates the tool surfaces in the reverse direction based on an intelligent optimization algorithm.


One of the highlights of Stampacks compensation algorithm is the automated detection and removal of undercuts. This is especially required to compensate the springback in parts that have vertical walls.


Typically, springback compensation is an iterative procedure. All the iterations are simulated in Stampack Xpress and the algorithm shows an excellent convergence behaviour.