Method planning

Method planning serves as the basis for tool design for forming and punching tools. Step by step, each forming stage of the sheet metal part is modelled in 3D. This part data is then assembled as sheet metal strips. The sequence of the work steps is determined and an analysis of the producibility of the part is carried out with Stampack. On this basis, further project steps are taken to optimise the method in the direction you require.

You send us:

  • The CAD data of the component


We guarantee:

  • No hidden charges. The scope of the order is modular and tailored to your needs.
  • After each agreed project step, the result is discussed with you.
  • Compliance with the deadline


You get:

  • Output board and strip layout
  • Method plan for the progressive die or transfer die
  • Springback calculation and compensation
  • Evaluation of the method with Stampack simulation according to VDI 3417
  • Construction of the active geometries of the tool