Shell: Drawbead

Process fine-tuning with drawbeads – too much or too less?

In Stampack, a drawbead can be simulated with a positioned line and an equivalent drawbead model in the background to reach a massive speedup compared to geometrically modelled drawbeads in the tools.

To demonstrate this, we have used a Front Fender example. Here we can show very clearly the differences between stronger or weaker drawbeads. This part is not producible without drawbeads because of a too uncontrolled material flow. 

In the video, you can see very precisely where we have to expect wrinkles in the process without drawbeads and how strong they will be. And because of the wrinkles, we get a damaged part in the end!

To reach a working process, we start adding drawbeads in different strengths. Since we still need a lot of material flow, we start with 5 weak to medium drawbeads as lines encircling the part.

But the first careful tryout was already too strong here and leaded to cracks in the side-wall. So, we needed to weaken some of the drawbeads even more for the second tryout. As you can see in the video, this approach was successful!