Tool design

High and flexible operational readiness makes us a reliable partner for tool design time and again. In all phases of development, we are in direct contact with you so that you can actively and promptly influence the development process. We offer:

Progressive die tools:

They allow very complex sheet metal parts to be produced in high quantities by cutting, bending, stamping and forming in several work steps. We are highly specialized in the design of small as well as large tools, with 5 to 25 operation steps, design sizes from 500 kg to 15t, modular design. As many work tasks as possible should be integrated into the tool in order to keep the subsequent production costs low for cost reasons with high quantities.

Transfer tools:

If a connection of the formed part or structural part to a strip is no longer feasible or if the degree of deformation is very high, transfer and insertion tools are used. In some cases, a combined solution can be considered. For smaller quantities, insertion tools can be loaded by hand, without an automatic press-controlled gripper mechanism.

For the tool construction, you provide:

  • The CAD data of the component


You get:

  • Initial blank and strip layout
  • Method plan for progressive die or transfer due tool
  • Springback calculation and compensation
  • Evaluation of the method with Stampack simulation according to VDI 3417
  • Design of the tools in 3D
  • 2D drawing derivation
  • Creation of the parts list


We guarantee:

  • No hidden charges. The scope of the order is modular and tailored to your needs.
  • After each agreed project step, the result is discussed with you.
  • Compliance with the deadline